Rent an original accomodation for your family

Western spirit of your stay

5 Wagons

5 wagons to rent

an original family experience

escape in this Western atmosphere

Inside in each wagon

5 western wagons for up to 5 people

John, Charles, Calamity, Lucky et Clint

Interior layout of our unusual accommodations

Fully equipped and optimizeds

15 m² - kitchen, bathroom with shower and toilet

Wagons Calamity et Clint
5 Wagons
Bathroom of our unusual accommodations
Stay with your family

5 Wagons

Fixed accommodations that do not move during the stay!

Just outside the blink-and-you'll-miss-it hamlet of Suzy, Etangs du Moulin's variety of western-themed accommodation is sure to bring out the John Wayne in any intrepid pioneers. While there are an ample 30 level grass pitches for tents, caravans and modest-sized motorhomes, those seeking the authentic experience should opt for one of the hand-built pioneer waggons. Kids will love these charming chucks that can sleep a family of up to five. John, Lucky, Clint, Calamity and Charles are fitted with a double bed, a triple bunk, kitchen, shower and toilet. Best of all, they're equidistant from both the playground and saloon so mum and dad can enjoy a few scoops at the rum-hole while the littl'uns get in character




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