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5 Tipis to rent

indian spirit

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Nature experience

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in the shelter of the weather sometimes capricious

Chef Joseph, Litle horse: indiens
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Indian Reserve
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Chef Joseph, Litle Horse, Manga, Loup blanc, Crow King : 5 Tipis to rent

Enjoy sleeping under canvas, without having to struggle to put up your own tent - You could describe it as posh camping, often called glamping!’ Live out the childhood dream: you too can be a Cheyenne, a Sioux, an Iroquois for a weekend. Live a once-in-a lifetime experience in tepees, the environmentally-friendly homes, straight from North America.This unique outdoor experience is specifically designed for families small groups wanting a blend of adventure, comfort peace There is not a better place to relax and get away from the stress of urban life! If you are looking for a party site, then this isn't the site for you. We have a strict noise policy in the late evenings to keep the relaxed atmosphere for both our customers and the adjacent houses.

Discover a living space , a friendly manner fostering communication and exchange. Warm evenings prospects for family stays .

When you return to your tent after a day outdoors and dusk is drawing in, is there anything more magical than the glow of a campfire to see you through the evening? The moment the heap of wood in front of you crackles and creaks into life, the best part of any camping holiday can begin. Before long, you’re wrapped in a blanket watching sparks and glowing ash float languidly up into the starry sky above, as your cheeks glow with the heat of the blaze. Spending time together in front of a campfire is an undeniably wholesome activity – gazing at a fire will fill you with sense of wellbeing that staring at EastEnders just never will. Trust me. We don’t often admit it (especially not to our children), but making fire is FUN, cooking on a fire is FUN and just sitting by a fire with your friends or family is BIG FUN. Luckily, if all of this is done with a modicum of common sense and in an appropriate location , then fires really can be good clean fun for all.




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